Dirty Dishes
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Dirty Dishes

So, I went to the bar last night.  Alone.  My wife had to work and Dave's out of town.  So, I sit down and the bar and order a Coors light.  Well, this older balding man starts talking to me.  He seems really nice. He plays clarinet.  Then, he starts buying me beers, yada, yada yada--all of a sudden he starts getting a little creepy.  "People don't like me," he says, "cuz I'm too sexual aggressive." After about the fifth time he says this, I go start talking to this other guy that's been giving me the eye all night.  He's cute.  But, when you tell a guy at a gay bar that yr bisexual--all of a sudden you become the town freak.

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New Graffiti: great web zine.

Welcome to Hell.

Look at me,  WHOOO!

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Ok. Send work here. Post messages here. Poetry, short stories, articles and reviews. I've got room for it all if you do. IT'S BEST FOR ME IF YOU SEND YOUR WORK IN AN ATTACHMENT--I DON'T HAVE MY OWN COMPUTER SO VIRUSES DON'T SCARE ME. If it's short, real short, an email is fine.


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Daniel Crocker's first collection of short stories.  Prompted Gerald Nicosia (author of home to war and jack kerouac, a critical biography) to say

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Why did this handsome young man flexing his muscles get banned for life from the Cape Girardeau Arts Council for reading his short story "The Big Decision"? You'll have to order a copy of DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO ME to find out. Just click on the stud in the sleeveless shirt.

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Good ole Peter Pumpkin Head.  He dead too.

Mother, please let me suck at thy nipple.  No mother, please let me take suck at thy breast.

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