Dirty Dishes


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These will change often.

I got cock suckers cramp.

click on it

Hello.  I'm Dan Crocker, the Master of this Domain.  Although, I'm not master of my domain, considering I masturbate at least 20 times a day.

that's really me

Who can resist me?  Who can resist me?  Ms. Swa-higgins can not resist me.  The blue ass man can not resist me.  The babies can not resist me.  Jesus can not resist me.  Ian Griffin can not resist me.  Dan Crocker surely can't resist me.  I am BEER!

i love beer

You know, if Jesus would have forgotten that whole dying on the cross thing, and just ran his ass up to heavan as fast as his feet would take him, yelling,

Hello, I'm Billie Dee Williams.  You might remember me from such classics as Star Wars, Give Me a Break, Different Stokes, and the Ghostbusters' video.  I implore you, whole heartidly, to try Colt 45.  You'll be glad you did.


Here I'll describe the picture above.